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3 Australian Influencer Apps to Try


Are you an influencer looking to work with more brands? Here are three cool influencer apps you should try, all hailing from the land down under.

1. Social Soup

Based out of the trendy Surry Hills in Sydney, Social Soup is a modern company connecting influencers with brands. Their team of strategists, developers, researchers, sociologists, designers and behavioural economists all work together to create impact through influence.

Social Soup work with a broad range of influencers, from macro to micro. Therefore, even if your following is on the lower side, you still have the opportunity to work with Social Soup. So long as you provide excellent content following their given guidelines, of course!

The Social Soup app is fresh-faced and colourful, providing a platform where all the necessary info can be found in one spot. You can apply for collabs, be accepted for collabs, and submit your content for approval all through the app. Their brands include Lancome, Head and Shoulders, Swisse, Avene and many more.

To apply to be part of the Social Soup community, click here.

2. Tribe

Tribe is another Australian startup bridging the connection between influencer and brand. The way it works is quite unique, but it’s not for everyone. If you aren’t looking to put money into collaborations before being accepted, it might not be for you. It also might not be suitable if you prefer gifting collabs (contra) over paid collabs. However, if you’re keen to invest just a little and get the ball rolling on paid work, read on.

As a creator, you can browse collaboration opportunities through the Tribe app. To participate in a collaboration that takes your fancy, you must first go out and buy the product. Whether it’s a packet of Reese’s or a Dove shampoo, you are required to purchase the product you shoot with. From there, you create the content with the bought product and send it in for approval. You can set your own fees for a collaboration, however Tribe provide a handyย guiding chartย on their site if you’re unsure about rates.

Once the brand approves your content, you are paid. Unfortunately, if the brand does not approve your content, the collaboration will not follow through. So of course, you can see how a structure like this may work for some, and not for others.

Find out more about Tribe here.

3. Vamp

Vamp welcomes videographers, photographers, illustrators, artists, animators, stylists, makeup artists, designers and more to get on board the app. Their free app streamlines the collaboration process, downsizing the admin side of things and giving you more time to focus on what you do best. Creating.

Vamp pride themselves on being super easy to use and highly rewarding. Their brands also stretch across many categories. Think beauty, charity, automotive, tech and travel.

While the global HQ is in Sydney, the platform works with influencers all around the world. Vamp is a global community that works with some really cool, well-respected brands.

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