Well, I enjoy long walks on the beach at sunset and candlelit dinners at home…

But you’re not here to read about my life story, are you? Or maybe you are, and that’s okay too. Unfortunately though, we’ll have to reserve that little one-on-one for another time. Right now, I’m here to tell you about my work.

It has been six wonderful years since I’ve been writing professionally.

Unprofessionally, I guess you could say it’s been another nineteen years on top of that. I’ve always had a knack for the written word. My writing career really started to take off in the second year of university when I launched my duo blog, The Adelaidian, and its supporting Instagram influencer page.

Picture it. It’s the year 2014. Instagram is still in its infancy and blogging is not nearly as saturated as it is today. Being one of the first to be doing both of these things  but professionally – in my hometown of Adelaide (Australia), it wasn’t long before my blogging hobby became a thriving business.

Before I knew it, my blog was taking me to all kinds of exciting events. As a guest, I’d attend fashion soirées such as Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival and London Fashion Week, as well as Gala Balls, Women in Business conferences and movie premieres. Not to mention the countless restaurant launches. During this time, I was able to network extensively and build up a great portfolio of writing work.

Since then, I’ve worked between established companies and start-ups, offering my writing services to quite the versatile handful.

From travel brochures and financial articles to fashion runway reviews and adult press segments, there aren’t many writing gigs I’ll shy away from. I have worked for online fashion boutiques as an e-commerce copywriter, as well as finance companies as an SEO website copywriter. It’s been a colourful run, and I don’t intend on stopping anytime soon.

I am competent in:

✓ Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
✓ E-Commerce Copywriting
✓ CMS Software (Magento/Wordpress)
✓ Content Marketing

✓ Adobe Creative Suite
✓ EDM Marketing (Mailchimp)
✓ Social Media Strategy
✓ Influencer Outreach

So, have you decided? Am I the one for you? Shoot me a message.