So, what is content writing and how can it help your business? Let’s start by comparing content writing with copywriting. Yes, the two are different. And yes, a copywriter can normally do both.

Content writing vs copywriting

Copywriting is writing with the purpose to market and sell. The copy is short-form and includes anything from printed ads and landing page copy, to social media captions and press releases.

Content writing is typically longer in length. It can be both informative and entertaining, written in the form of blog posts and articles. Compared to copywriting, content is not written with the purpose to sell. Rather, the sell is subtle (if not completely hidden entirely), and there is no direct call-to-action.

Why do you need content writing?

Content adds dimension and credibility to a business. If you are a business in financial services and blog about financial trends and tips, this creates an air of authority for your business. It shows you know what you’re talking about. You know enough to write lengthy and informative articles about it at least.

Content writing also adds to your branding. Sure, someone who comes onto your website might only read your landing pages, end up on your products and buy straight away.

However, someone who comes on to your page might find themselves sifting through the web pages, ending up on your blog. They’ll see the type of content you’re posting, and this will give them a better idea about your business holistically.

For example, if you’re selling a beauty product and your blog features loads of environmentally-focused posts, they’ll understand your brand is heavily eco-friendly. And even if the copywriting throughout your website frequently mentions the word ‘eco-friendly’, the blog posts still contribute to your authority on the matter.

Let’s not forget its SEO benefits.

I’ve brought SEO in as a final point, but it is likely the reigning reason why content writing in the form of blogging is so important today.

According to a study by Hubspot, marketers who prioritise blogging efforts are 13 times more likely to see positive ROI. This is because Google really favours lengthy, informative and overall good quality content.

A search engine is likely to index your blog post and rank it higher, given it is quality content on queries that searchers are asking about. And if you’re ranking higher, you’re yielding more organic traffic, converting new customers and making more sales. Boom.

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