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Top 5 Instagram Preset Packs by Australian Influencers

You might see all these incredibly curated Instagram feeds and be thinking: How on earth does one instagram looking like that?
I have one word for you: presets.

Before buying presets, my own Instagram (@the.adelaidian) was a hot mess. I’d spend hours and hours colour matching and perfecting the white balance, for images to still turn out drab and mismatched. Sometimes, I would go through not one editing app, but even two or three. To say it was time consuming is an understatement.

Lo and behold, presets showed up. Presets are these godlike things granted from the heavens above, designed to make an influencer’s life easier and the creative process quicker. They’re basically a selection of edits packaged into one neat little bundle, transforming your images with just one click. Predominantly, presets are used with Adobe Lightroom for mobile.

After buying my very first preset pack, I came to learn the ins and outs of the Lightroom app. In a ‘reverse-engineering’ manner, I would look at the settings used in one particular preset and adjust each one to my liking. I learnt the magic of ‘selective colour’ and ‘shadows/highlights’, both of which are settings I fiddle with the most. Therefore, presets not only saved me time, but they taught me vital skills.

When buying presets, I only consider ones that have been created by an influencer. Personally, I feel that since influencers use them daily, they have practical knowledge on creating presets for Instagram specifically. Below, I have listed the best Instagram preset packs by Australian influencers, including the very first presets I bought and still use to this day.

Angela of Sunday Chapter Presets is a macro influencer (@angelagiakas) and has quite the dreamy feed. Her pictures often feature warm tones and neutral colour, with a distinct wanderlust feel.

Sunday Chapter Presets are the first presets I ever bought. It was a summer presets pack of 5 and cost somewhere around 70 AUD. Since then, Angela has really expanded her presets selection with 12 sets, each including 13 or so individual presets each.

I couldn’t recommend these enough – especially since one pack can buy you so many different presets! My biggest tip is to always use more than just one preset. Light is normally different in every single photograph. That means, not one preset can work on every single image. Working with a decent range will ensue versatility.

2. Love Chloe Jane

Love Chloe Jane is a micro influencer hailing from Adelaide and she has created some pretty gorgeous presets. Her instagram feed offers light, pastel tones and a traveller aesthetic similar to that of Angela’s. Try Love Chloe Jane Presets if you are aiming to bring out bright turquoise tones, deep saturated oranges and a signature pink hue.

3. Presets by Haylsa

This travelling Aussie influencer has a site dedicated to bringing you the best presets for Instagram. Separated into categories, browse @haylsa‘s mobile presets, desktop presets and best sellers.

4. Kelsey in London

Kelsey in London may no longer be Australia-based, but this originally Aussie influencer has been a long-time favourite of mine. She has some striking presets collections, including an Aussie-inspired one, a Christmas one and an Ibiza-inspired one.

Kelsey also offers an extra step in the process. If a customer can’t decide which preset to buy, they can send her 5-6 unedited shots to have test edited with each preset. 

5. Rachel Aust

rachel aust presets for instagram

Rachel Aust‘s feed is distinctly neutral, with pops of green. Her presets reflect that, offering a selection of clean and crisp styles to jazz up your own Instagram feed. Distinctly different from the last four, you’ll find Rachel’s presets are slightly moodier. These presets less focus on colour and more on exaggerating contrast and detail.

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